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Comfortably bedded in nature



Uxa Paraíso is an intimate Open Air Hotel, run almost all by myself, Julien.

I was born and raised in France, started exploring the world on wheels when I was very young with my adventurous parents.

About 25 years ago, I bought my first van and started my own explorations. During my travels through Europe, I often found myself waking up to breathtaking views in the most peaceful places.


These are excellent conditions to Find inner peace and eventually Connect to your creative self.


This will make you love being in Nature and slower your pace.


In 2014 I bought a beautiful property in Central Portugal, a valley in the hills by the mountains. I wanted to create a private and comfortable vast space relying on simplicity, silence and low tech.

It’s a friendly and playful place that should appeal to all of us. 


For the 2022 season, I'll have large tents, one cabin in the heights, one A-Frame cabin, and two good old vintage trailers to accommodate you. 

There is now a campground for camping lovers with access for all to the bathroom facilities, the swimming pool, the bar and the garden with pet animals.

There is plenty space and facilities for camper-vans, caravanes and tents.



Wake up to the singing birds, gentle breeze, rustling leaves, breathtaking views and the smell of pure clean air.





Available at the bar from 8:30 till 10:30, it's a fresh and tasty buffet  with the best traditional bread in town.

Free Wifi


There is unlimited wifi at the bar and all around the pool.



Currently working on a permaculture project for the vegetable garden and eventually the whole property with farm animals and fruit trees.

Parking lot


 At your arrival, a large flat piece of land is dedicated to all your vehicles. The camp is all pedestrian only.



Heated by a system of solar panels, it's a playground or a lounge with wide open views ahead.


A spot with views to the hills, two taps and electricity sockets for the true campers.





Cultural Sites

Conimbriga, Santiago da Guarda and Coimbra are great options to travel back in time through the history of Portugal.

Outdoor Activities


Canoe, hikes, paragliding, climbing, speleology, tree adventure or mountain bikes are all possible within 20km from here.



Rabaçal on the Compostel  path hosts local producers of olive oil and goat cheese. Figs, walnuts, chorizo, honey and wine are all around.

Natural Pools


Many rivers run in the mountains nearby. These are great natural spots  that are turned into little heavens with easy accesses and pools.



What about exploring the hills and their secrets seating in a horsecar with fresh drinks and snacks pulled by a big and strong horse?



Birds of prey, dears, wild-boars, foxes, genets, squirrels, frogs, toads and very little mosquitos.


"A memorable highlight of our trip. This is an exceptional spot. Spotlessly clean glamorous tents, delicious wild fruits, tame and adorable goats. An amazing collection of vintage caravans, refurbished for habitation." 

—  Michael from California · October 2018 —

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